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"Gemstones have a beauty unlike anything else because they allow light inside and refract it."

Why Buy Loose Gemstones? The most obvious reason for buying loose gemstones is of course when you are building a gemstone collection. However, the main advantage of buying loose gemstones is quite simple, you get better value. Loose gemstones are almost always less expensive, in some cases far less expensive, than buying a pre-set gemstone. Finally, when you buy a high quality loose gemstone for a custom piece of jewelry, both the gem and the jewelry setting will be an expression of your personal taste.
Creating something that you can pass down the generations is an experience you should not miss.


About The Gemstone Trader

Longtime Gemstone Collector

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the concept of collecting. My enjoyment of art and culture is what ultimately inspired me to pursue my passion as a devoted Gemstone Collector. I’m proud to share the results of my hard work and expertise with the world. A gemstone that determines its value is how much you like it. A gemstone is for your enjoyment. If you think it is beautiful and it makes you happy or it reminds you of someone you love or something special in your life, it is very valuable. Gemstones are very old, sometimes millions of years old: they can be powerful energetically and emotionally so it is important to choose the gemstone that you feel drawn to and connected to, even if it's not so rare or expensive. Enjoy shopping and let your Gemstone pick YOU out. All of the stones that we carry are natural materials, no laboratory created imitations or synthetics are represented on this site.


Frequently Asked Questions

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What color is right for you.

The color that suits you best is a personal matter. Your personality, complexion, and even the clothes you want to coordinate with a gem will influence your choice. Look at a lot of gems. You’ll find that subtle color variations can significantly affect how they look on you as well as your emotional reaction.
For connoisseurs of fine-quality gems, higher grades are important. On the other hand, average consumers can find just as much beauty in modestly priced stones. Remember, quality doesn’t mean better, it means rarer.

Gem Grading and Quality.

Even though we may use the term “quality” when describing the properties of gems, that doesn’t necessarily mean that one gem is better than another. Ultimately, you’ll purchase the gem that’s best for you personally. When a gem receives a high grade for a property, that means it has rare features within that property. What’s best for you may not necessarily be the “top” or rarest grade of the gem.


Gemstones contain a wide variety of inclusions. In faceted gems, inclusions are defined as anything that will interfere with the free passage of light. These can include little bits of minerals, hollow areas, and fractures. Clarity grading addresses the visual and structural impact of these things. 

Emeralds are Special Cases 

Emeralds fall into the Type III category. However, you can’t compare their clarity with that of any other gems. If you want an emerald without any eye-visible inclusions, you’re limited to small stones. Otherwise, if you want a larger emerald, you must accept the inclusions and find value in the color.


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