Canadian Vesuvianite Crystal Cluster

Canadian Vesuvianite Crystal Cluster

When possible, we enjoy offering these small crystal groups that are well sized and aesthetic enough to be used in jewelry as-is.  Most frequently we are able to do this with garnet, a family that is prone to well formed and often gemmy crystals.  This is on of the few times we have offered one of these pieces in Vesuvianite, let alone this scarce Canadian variety.  Most Vesuvianite is a deep green, sometimes tinged with brown, but this locale produces a lovely bright yellow-green hue that is unknown from other areas.  The cluster is almost completely flat on the reverse (for potential setting) and is quite well proportioned.  Moreover, with the presence of a single large Vesuvianite crystal in the center. Rare and lovely. 

Total weight: 42.83 carats

Clarity: Translucent

Cut: Natural Crystal Cluster

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