Aquador - Erongo, Namiba (Aquamarine, Heliodor)

Aquador - Erongo, Namiba (Aquamarine, Heliodor)

The energy of Aquamarine washes over one with its beautiful soothing, calming and cleansing energy.

Gazing straight into the termination can align, sharpen and soothe your eyesight. Use it in body layouts on the throat or 3rd eye. One may visualize its energy traveling through veins to alleviate varicose veins. It is also helpful for purifying the water in the body.  As 80% of humans is made up of water, this gift cannot be over looked! Aquamarine is also good for helping one get and maintain focus. It is a good travel companion for those that suffer from sea sickness or vertigo.

Aquamarine is at its most powerful when worn against the throat. It brings calmness, and creativity in one’s communication. Heliodor emits the very essence of the golden ray. It radiates warmth, light and optimism! This crystal helps center the emotions, promotes higher thought forms and provides a more vibrant physical state of being.It is a stone of higher learning, enabling the user to make sound decisions based on knowledge and wisdom, rather than emotionally charged or knee jerk type reactions. It helps one put aside ego and self interest, in order to perform acts for the greater good of all.Heliodor is the stone of pure unbridled joy and optimism! It alleviates nervous tension, and provides release from heavy burdens and pressure.Physically, Heliodor can assist with problems of the pancreas, liver and spleen. It is also useful to stimulate blood circulation in cold climates.

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