Fluorite, Goeshenite, Muscovite - Erongo,Namibia - SOLD

Fluorite, Goeshenite, Muscovite - Erongo,Namibia - SOLD

All Fluorite eases stress and anxiety. Fluorite strengthens and balances the etheric structure of the body – aligning it with light flows. It opens the mind to all possibilities and helps one to assimilate and process new information at a phenomenal rate. Fluorite is the crystal of “learning”. It is of immense help to any type of student. Carry some Fluorite about in a pocket, holding it from time to time in ones place of learning. This amazing crystal will help transform new concepts and principles into an easy order for one to digest. It teases out confusing complexity, making all information much easier to process and understand.Goshenite is often referred to as the “Mother of all crystals”, it has a special focus on feminine energy. Motherly qualities are amplified and brought to the surface.Goshenite is a stone of clarity and truth. This crystal helps look into the self and others in terms of sincerity and honesty. It encourages honoring the traits of loyalty, integrity and respect for oneself and others. Goshenite brings peace and calm to those who suffer from severe mood swings, depression and hormonal imbalance conditions such as PMS and ADHD. It is a stone that gives one composure and the ability make good decisions, in order to move forward in times of great stress and chaos.Muscovite controls blood sugar, balances pancreatic secretions, alleviates dehydration and prevents hunger while fasting. It regulates the kidneys. It relieves insomnia and allergies and heals any conditions resulting from dis-ease or distress

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